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cat eating

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Photo Title: cat eating
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Quality: JPG File
Dimensions: 2888(px) x 2396(px)
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@72DPI = 101.88cm x 84.53cm
@150DPI = 48.9cm x 40.57cm
@300DPI = 24.45cm x 20.29cm
File Size: 0.92(mb)
Price: €15.00

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Quality: L
Dimensions: 1600x1327(px)
Megapixels: 2.12
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@72DPI = 56.44cm x 46.81cm
@150DPI = 27.09cm x 22.47cm
@300DPI = 13.55cm x 11.24cm
Price: €12.00

Quality: M
Dimensions: 800x664(px)
Megapixels: 0.53
Print Size:
@72DPI = 28.22cm x 23.42cm
@150DPI = 13.55cm x 11.24cm
@300DPI = 6.77cm x 5.62cm
Price: €8.00

Quality: S
Dimensions: 400x332(px)
Megapixels: 0.13
Print Size:
@72DPI = 14.11cm x 11.71cm
@150DPI = 6.77cm x 5.62cm
@300DPI = 3.39cm x 2.81cm
Price: €5.00

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cat , eating
cat eating
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